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Niterói 1
Pellezzano 1
Perth 1
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Tbilisi 1
Viagrande 1
Washington 1
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Nome #
Embodied energy and carbon of building insulating materials: A critical review 45
In situ thermal characterization of existing buildings aiming at NZEB standard: A methodological approach 37
Architettura per la condivisione energetica. Sperimentazione sulle Comunità Energetiche Rinnovabili verso la cultura del risparmio 29
An Extensive Study of the Urban Heat Island Phenomenon in Rome, Italy: Implications for Building Energy Performance Through Data from Multiple Meteorological Stations 23
On the Thermophysical Performance Optimization of Italian Schools of the 60s: A Case Study in Ostia (RM) 22
The Effect of a LED Lighting Crosswalk on Pedestrian Safety: Some Experimental Results 19
Experimental evaluation and numerical simulation of the thermal performance of a green roof 18
Dynamic life cycle assessment modelling of a NZEB building 18
Proprietà ambientali di materiali acustici: le dichiarazioni ambientali di prodotto 16
Analisi sperimentale delle prestazioni termiche di un sistema di isolamento a cappotto con pannelli in aerogel 15
Transmission Loss Measurement of Consolidated Granular Media (L) 14
Materiali termoisolanti sostenibili: analisi sperimentale delle prestazioni termiche di un sistema di isolamento a cappotto con pannelli in fibra di legno 14
Analisi delle caratteristiche acustiche di alcuni teatri all'italiana toscani 13
Experimental evaluation of the performances of a H20LiBr absorption refrigerator under different service conditions 13
Modeling and Measurements in Natural Ventilation of Massive Buildings: A Case Study 11
Sustainable Transportation for Events: A Systematic Review 10
La povertà energetica a Roma: un’analisi dei consumi di energia elettrica nelle 155 Zone Urbanistiche 9
A scale model to evaluate water evaporation from indoor swimming pools 9
Influenza delle scelte degli operatori sulla certificazione di sostenibilità ambientale di un edificio: un'esperienza di Round Robin Test 9
Heat flux measurement approach for an enhanced thermometric method: preliminary tests 9
Sound intensity investigation of the acoustics performances of high insulation ventilating windows integrated with rolling shutter boxes 8
A review of sustainable materials for acoustic applications 8
A quantitative methodology to evaluate thermal bridges in buildings 8
Latest advances on solar thermal collectors: A comprehensive review 8
Le isole di calore nei quartieri di Roma 7
A methodological approach for heat-flow meter data post-processing under different climatic conditions and wall orientations 7
On the experimental evaluation of the performances of noise barrier diffracting devices 7
Carbon Footprint of autonomous vehicles at the urban mobility system level: A traffic simulation-based approach 7
A model for the improvement of thermal bridges quantitative assessment by infrared thermography 7
Towards life cycle sustainability assessment: an implementationto photovoltaic modules 6
Evaluation of Green Buildings’ Overall Performance through in Situ Monitoring and Simulations 6
Reproducibility experiments on measuring acoustical properties of rigid-frame porous media (round-robin tests) 6
Influenza del paesaggio sonoro e luminoso nella percezione dei beni culturali: proposta metodologica per un caso studio a Roma 6
A comparative Life Cycle Assessment of external wall-compositions for cleaner construction solutions in buildings 6
A Methodology to Evaluate GHG Emissions for Large Sports Events 6
Technologies for energetic exploitation of biodiesel chain derived glycerol: Oxy-fuels production by catalytic conversion 5
An experimental setup for the analysis of an energy recovery system from wastewater for heat pumps in civil buildings 5
Decarbonizzare il patrimonio edilizio 5
Impact sound insulation and viscoelastic properties of resilient materials made from recycled tyre granules 5
Comparative Study of Energy Regulations for Buildings in Italy and Spain 5
Evaluation of Net Energy Obtainable from Combustion of Stabilised Olive Mill By-Products 5
Neighbourhood sustainability: State of the art, critical review and space-temporal analysis 5
Influence of air thermohygrometric properties on mechanical draft evaporative towers: a calculation method to predict effects in power plants and refrigerating absorption machines 5
Thermal transmittance measurements with the hot box method: Calibration, experimental procedures, and uncertainty analyses of three different approaches 5
On the Retrofit of Existing Buildings with Aerogel Panels: Energy, Environmental and Economic issues 5
Convergence criteria analysis for thermal conductance measurements of building walls: A case study 5
Theoretical modelling and experimental evaluation of the optical properties of glazing systems with selective films 5
A note on medium- and long-term global energy prospects and scenarios 5
An experimental investigation of the thermal performance of a building solar shading device 5
Integrated approach for the road traffic greenhouse gas emissions calculation in a life-cycle perspective 5
A comparison between environmental sustainability rating systems LEED and ITACA for residential buildings 5
Assessment of the Performance of Road Markings in Urban Areas: the Outcomes of the CIVITAS REINASSANCE Project 5
On the Evaluation of Solar Greenhouse Efficiency in Building Simulation during the Heating Period 5
Energy and environmental payback times for an NZEB retrofi 5
Experimental and numerical characterization of innovative cardboard based panels: Thermal and acoustic performance analysis and life cycle assessment 5
How Do Temperature Differences and Stable Thermal Conditions Affect the Heat Flux Meter (HFM) Measurements of Walls? Laboratory Experimental Analysis 5
Theoretical and experimental analysys of the evaporative towers cooling system of a coal-fired power plant 5
Innovative Approaches for Noise Management in Smart Cities: a Review 4
Life cycle energy minimization of autonomous buildings 4
L'energia e l'anidride carbonica incorporata nei materiali per l'edilizia 4
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Wooden Sonic Crystals Applied as Noise Barriers 4
The perceived quality of soundscape in three urban parks in Rome 4
An energy and carbon footprint assessment upon the usage of hemp-lime concrete and recycled-PET façades for office facilities in France and Italy 4
Life cycle assessment of geothermal power plants: A comparison with other energy conversion technologies 4
Passive thermal behaviour of buildings: Performance of external multi-layered walls and influence of internal walls 4
Infrared Thermography Assessment of Thermal Bridges in Building Envelope: Experimental Validation in a Test Room Setup 4
Experimental Analysis of the Thermal Performance of Wood Fiber Insulating Panels 4
Energy and carbon footprint assessment of production of hemp hurds for application in buildings 4
Urban heat island mitigation strategies: Experimental and numerical analysis of a university campus in Rome (Italy) 4
On the sky temperature models and their influence on buildings energy performance: A critical review 4
Traffic Simulation-Based Approach for A Cradle-to-Grave Greenhouse Gases Emission Model 4
On the equivalent thermo-physical properties for modeling building walls with unknown stratigraphy 4
Aerogel insulation in building energy retrofit. Performance testing and cost analysis on a case study in Rome 4
Annual Comparison of the Atmospheric Urban Heat Island in Rome (Italy): An Assessment in Space and Time 4
A Round Robin Test on the dynamic simulation and the LEED protocol evaluation of a green building 4
Il Progetto BRIC INAIL 2019 - ID 14: Ricerca, analisi e correlazioni tra danni extra-uditivi ed esposizione al rumore in ambito scolastico 4
Experimental and environmental analysis of new sound-absorbing and insulating elements in recycled cardboard 4
An Evaluation of the Environmental Payback Times and Economic Convenience in an Energy Requalification of a School 4
Comparison between heat-flow meter and Air-Surface Temperature Ratio techniques for assembled panels thermal characterization 4
Properties of transparent sound-absorbing panels for use in noise barriers 4
Thermal conductivity measurement of insulating innovative building materials by hot plate and heat flow meter devices: A Round Robin Test 4
Insulation materials for the building sector: A review and comparative analysis 4
Experimental thermo-acoustic characterization of innovative common reed bio-based panels for building envelope 4
Life cycle assessment of energy efficient buildings 4
Development of a greenhouse gas accounting GIS-based tool to support local policy making - Application to an Italian municipality 4
Exploring the compatibility of “Method A” and “Method B” data collection protocols reported in the ISO/TS 12913-2:2018 for urban soundscape via a soundwalk 4
Energy and exergy analysis of glycerol combustion in an innovative flameless power plant 4
Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of an innovative CSP air-cooled system and conventional condensers 4
A review of unconventional sustainable building insulation materials 4
Influence of Insulating Materials on Green Building Rating System Results 4
Development of Electric Urban Mobility: Comparative Research and Preliminary Survey 4
Life Cycle Assessment of electricity production from renewable energies: review and results harmonization 3
Assessment of equivalent thermal properties of multilayer building walls coupling simulations and experimental measurements 3
On the energy performance of an innovative green roof in the mediterranean climate 3
Energy and emissions analysis of next generation electrochromic devices 3
Sun Simulators: Development of an Innovative Low Cost Film Filter 3
Critical Review and Methodological Approach to Evaluate the Differences Among International Green Building Rating Tools 3
Evaluating in situ thermal transmittance of green buildings masonries. A case study 3
The Noise Abatement Plan of an Italian Road Network: A Comparison Between Standard and Innovative Methodologies 3
Extra-Auditory Effects from Noise Exposure in Schools: Results of Nine Italian Case Studies 3
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