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AS - Asia 3
OC - Oceania 1
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IT - Italia 57
US - Stati Uniti d'America 11
FR - Francia 6
CH - Svizzera 4
AT - Austria 3
DE - Germania 3
GH - Ghana 3
GB - Regno Unito 2
PT - Portogallo 2
SG - Singapore 2
AU - Australia 1
FI - Finlandia 1
MY - Malesia 1
NL - Olanda 1
PL - Polonia 1
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Città #
Bologna 17
Dalmine 17
Castelfranco Emilia 10
Boardman 5
Columbus 5
Siena 5
Zurich 4
Accra 3
Paris 3
Vienna 3
Albi 2
Braga 2
Hanau 2
Newcastle upon Tyne 2
Perugia 2
Singapore 2
Amsterdam 1
Freiburg im Breisgau 1
Helsinki 1
Krakow 1
Livorno 1
Los Angeles 1
Milan 1
Perth 1
Seremban 1
Taranto 1
Turin 1
Totale 95
Nome #
Development of Electric Urban Mobility: Comparative Research and Preliminary Survey, file 9160add9-64ab-4586-9920-bf85cadf2ee2 14
An Extensive Study of the Urban Heat Island Phenomenon in Rome, Italy: Implications for Building Energy Performance Through Data from Multiple Meteorological Stations, file bfa2276e-9882-44b2-956c-1d85aace94df 13
Proprietà ambientali di materiali acustici: le dichiarazioni ambientali di prodotto, file fd629628-aa5f-4663-878b-9a4ecc034915 13
Analisi delle caratteristiche acustiche di alcuni teatri all'italiana toscani, file 050a713c-8cdf-437b-a895-d5b2f6ed8b30 8
Analisi sperimentale delle prestazioni termiche di un sistema di isolamento a cappotto con pannelli in aerogel, file 8beaf706-ce1f-4e1f-afac-f14f53a34ec9 5
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Wooden Sonic Crystals Applied as Noise Barriers, file 9358e361-fa0c-4c9b-bb04-09130ef80c6d 5
A Methodology to Evaluate GHG Emissions for Large Sports Events, file 8665e755-7faf-48ba-96b6-97f7a9a3547f 3
Latest advances on solar thermal collectors: A comprehensive review, file 8dbcef04-0628-48d3-93cd-3a6a84b14d13 3
Heat flux measurement approach for an enhanced thermometric method: preliminary tests, file acf0b990-4389-4050-aac6-e91becb29c28 3
An energy and carbon footprint assessment upon the usage of hemp-lime concrete and recycled-PET façades for office facilities in France and Italy, file 9f67067a-bd2c-4dc6-90b6-2e335dde1b5c 2
Decarbonizzare il patrimonio edilizio, file ab9fb7da-774e-41ba-ad52-b0e6c1628027 2
A model for the improvement of thermal bridges quantitative assessment by infrared thermography, file e7de7c55-9fed-4aaa-abf9-2e03a6af606f 2
Experimental thermo-acoustic characterization of innovative common reed bio-based panels for building envelope, file 05a7ffe2-0eff-431b-9c37-005094f339ab 1
In situ thermal characterization of existing buildings aiming at NZEB standard: A methodological approach, file 1989d34e-9fb5-4031-9931-fab85e250cb9 1
On the Thermophysical Performance Optimization of Italian Schools of the 60s: A Case Study in Ostia (RM), file 3718a9bb-83ff-4f9c-9197-d36ebd16e18c 1
Smart materials: Cementitious mortars and pcm mechanical and thermal characterization, file 377f9c4e-9e2f-44ff-93b1-a6277d28cfc6 1
Water and Carbon Footprint of Wine: Methodology Review and Application to a Case Study, file 385d94cb-7d66-458c-b595-730dedf3a15c 1
Experimental evaluation and numerical simulation of the thermal performance of a green roof, file 41ea9119-2873-4989-a497-73f29a162807 1
Sustainable acoustic metasurfaces for sound control, file 43109c18-682b-4fe3-931f-ee4c00d62b3a 1
Annual Comparison of the Atmospheric Urban Heat Island in Rome (Italy): An Assessment in Space and Time, file 458b0ec3-f2df-448c-a4ca-5ccbb2e35ea0 1
On the experimental evaluation of the performances of noise barrier diffracting devices, file 4f6b87b6-8fdc-4839-9a1e-e298f10c5af2 1
Modeling and Measurements in Natural Ventilation of Massive Buildings: A Case Study, file 52922ad9-1ca0-479c-98ff-c8bde9688346 1
On the influence of environmental boundary conditions on surface thermal resistance of walls: Experimental evaluation through a Guarded Hot Box, file 649e0a82-35a4-417e-969a-a699457c988d 1
Energy Benchmarking in Educational Buildings through Cluster Analysis of Energy Retrofitting, file 6847bb4b-e44c-420c-b5c4-163d7e191f97 1
Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of an innovative CSP air-cooled system and conventional condensers, file 75eca286-7a77-41ec-8569-88b86780de02 1
Recent Trends in the World Gas Market: Economical, Geopolitical and Environmental Aspects, file 7deb53ea-8612-40c0-ab14-941cf4ed7a5e 1
Impact sound insulation and viscoelastic properties of resilient materials made from recycled tyre granules, file 92ced00d-d748-42f5-9603-7610c107f311 1
Experimental and numerical characterization of innovative cardboard based panels: Thermal and acoustic performance analysis and life cycle assessment, file a13464ce-9914-4800-9b9b-b6012c3dfbdd 1
Integrated Approach to Assess the Energy and Environmental Payback Time of Buildings Refurbishment: A Case Study, file abd074ec-2709-4714-9c1f-e2e596ccc12b 1
A comparative Life Cycle Assessment of external wall-compositions for cleaner construction solutions in buildings, file bc335239-3a29-4e3e-a6bc-d6532cadd080 1
Influence of cavities geometric and emissivity properties on the overall thermal performance of aluminum frames for windows, file d3291049-2867-451a-9ed9-b98f243f9335 1
Technologies for energetic exploitation of biodiesel chain derived glycerol: Oxy-fuels production by catalytic conversion, file e5de6a16-dd3d-4c86-be2f-c4e9098bd7d6 1
Environmental impact of an Italian wine bottle: Carbon and water footprint assessment, file eb4cc08b-ce48-4096-bdf9-37e15a5d4893 1
Experimental and environmental analysis of new sound-absorbing and insulating elements in recycled cardboard, file f15586e5-c9b1-418b-ac4c-fea081812e97 1
Passive thermal behaviour of buildings: Performance of external multi-layered walls and influence of internal walls, file f3796730-e3d1-4fa8-9d27-770b10914dfd 1
Sustainable Transportation for Events: A Systematic Review, file fca4460c-256e-435d-a013-ca502ef1614c 1
Influence of internal heat sources on thermal resistance evaluation through the heat flow meter method, file fceff858-18e0-4126-af70-77e7852b1209 1
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