The introduction of new technologies, video in particular, in educational and pedagogical research has not onlychanged how research is conducted in the educational field but has also brought about significant changes in teachertraining. The advent of digitalisation, along with the miniaturisation of both video cameras and storage media, has ledto a dramatic increase in the use of video, particularly in terms of video production. This has led to the introduction ofnew teaching practices and new training initiatives derived from the analysis of these practices. The use of video, at aneducational and didactic level on the one hand, and as an instrument for field observation on the other, offers a varietyof benefits, along with some critical issues. One of the advantages is the capacity to allow for an analytical vision ofcomplex actions, which may be reviewed at different times, by a variety of interlocutors. The aim of this study is topresent a reflection based on research conducted in nine digital classes, focussing on the use of video as both aninstrument for recording, collecting and analysing data, as well as a training tool in the didactic practice of teachers.

Il saggio presenta una ricerca condotta in una scuola sugli stili di insegnamento dei docenti

The use of video in educational research and teacher training in the digital classroom

Gaggioli, Cristina


Il saggio presenta una ricerca condotta in una scuola sugli stili di insegnamento dei docenti
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