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Detection and Quantification of Foveal Avascular Zone alterations in Diabetic Retinopathy 1-gen-1998 Ballerini, L
Analisi Automatica del Circolo Perifoveale per il Monitoraggio della Maculopatia Diabetica 1-gen-1999 Giacomelli, G.; Ballerini, L.; Volpe, R.; Mencucci, R.; Cappelli, S.; Arena, M. C.; Salvi, G.
Image Analysis for the Food Industry: Digital Camera Photographs and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Images 1-gen-2001 Ballerini, L
A segmentation technique to determine fat content in NMR images of beef meat 1-gen-2002 Ballerini, L.; Hogberg, A.; Borgefors, G.; Bylund, A. -C.; Lindgard, A.; Lundstrom, K.; Rakotonirainy, O.; Soussi, B.
Fractal Analysis of Microscopic Images of Breast Tissue 1-gen-2003 Ballerini, L.; Franzén, L.
Pore formation in cured–smoked pork determined with image analysis—effects of tumbling and RN− gene 1-gen-2003 Hullberg, Anja; Ballerini, Lucia
Analysis of Pores in Pig Meat Images 1-gen-2004 Ballerini, L.; Bocchi, L.; Hullberg, A.
Comparison of histomorphometrical data obtained with two different image analysis methods 1-gen-2007 Ballerini, Lucia; Franke-Stenport, Victoria; Borgefors, Gunilla; Johansson, Carina B
An experimental study on the applicability of evolutionary algorithms to craniofacial superimposition in forensic identification 1-gen-2009 Ibáñez, Oscar; Ballerini, Lucia; Cordón, Oscar; Damas, Sergio; Santamaría, José
Dermofit: a novel software that improves novices' diagnostic accuracy to a level above that of trained medical students 1-gen-2010 Aldridge, R; Glodzik, D; Bisset, Y; Ballerini, L; Robertson, K; Xi, L; Naysmith, L; Fisher, R; Rees, J
Do laypersons have intrinsic pattern recognition abilities that could be harnessed to allow the accurate and early diagnosis of skin cancers? 1-gen-2010 Aldridge, R. B.; Fisher, R.; Ballerini, L.; Robertson, K.; Bisset, Y.; Rees, J. L.
Teaching Dermatology Using 3-Dimensional Virtual Reality 1-gen-2010 Aldridge, Rb; Li, Xa; Ballerini, L; Fisher, Rb; Rees, Jl
Utility of Non-rule-based Visual Matching as a Strategy to Allow Novices to Achieve Skin Lesion Diagnosis 1-gen-2011 Rees, Jl; Aldridge, Rb; Glodzik, D; Ballerini, L; Fisher, Rb
Novice identification of melanoma: not quite as straightforward as the ABCDs 1-gen-2011 Aldridge, R Benjamin; Zanotto, Matteo; Ballerini, Lucia; Fisher, Robert B; Rees, Jonathan L
Using multi-dimensional scaling (MDS) and hierarchical clustering, novices can sub-classify basal cell carcinomas (BCCs) in a similar manner to experienced dermatologists 1-gen-2012 Aldridge, Rb; Zanotto, M; Ballerini, L; Fisher, Rb; Rees, Jl
The use of radial symmetry to localize retinal landmarks 1-gen-2013 Giachetti, A; Ballerini, L; Trucco, E; Wilson, P J
A Color and Texture Based Hierarchical K-NN Approach to the Classification of Non-melanoma Skin Lesions 1-gen-2013 Ballerini, Lucia; Fisher, Robert B.; Aldridge, Ben; Rees, Jonathan
Accurate and reliable segmentation of the optic disc in digital fundus images 1-gen-2014 Giachetti, Andrea; Ballerini, Lucia; Trucco, Emanuele
Association between retinal vasculature and muscle mass in older people 1-gen-2015 Sumukadas, Deepa; Mcmurdo, Marion; Pieretti, Ilaria; Ballerini, Lucia; Price, Rosemary; Wilson, Peter; Doney, Alex; Leese, Graham; Trucco, Emanuele
Morphometric Measurements of The Retinal Vasculature in Fundus Images with Vampire 1-gen-2015 Trucco, Emanuele; Giachetti, Andrea; Ballerini, Lucia; Relan, Devanjali; Cavinato, Alessandro; Macgillivray, Tom
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