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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
The Meridium Project. Research Plan and Methodological Considerations 1-gen-2013 Tusini, S
The Mutant's Food. Design and Science Fiction 1-gen-2015 Dantini, M
The Plurilingual Approach: Assets to Promote Italian Language. 1-gen-2015 Dolci, R
The Poetics and mysticism of John Bradburne 1-gen-2016 Tomei, R
The Polylogue Project- Part 1. Shortmind 1-gen-2013 Terrinoni, E; Et, Alii
The role of morphology in the retrieval of pronouns antecedents 1-gen-1995 DE VINCENZI, M; DI DOMENICO, E; Ciccarelli, L
The role of Prosodic Features in the learning of Consonant Gemination by Chinese Learners 1-gen-2014 Costamagna, L; Montilli, C
The role of the English language in a CLIL interaction 1-gen-2019 -
The Role of Trust in E-Engagement: a case study on the EU governments. In Dialogue-Driven Change in the Public Sphere, 2nd ESTIDIA Conference Proceedings. 1-gen-2013 Padua, D
The role of videos in the teaching and learning of content in a foreign language 1-gen-2015 -
The Seeds of Love and Hate: Translation, Conflicts and Biblical Plants 1-gen-2009 Tomei, R
The Semiotics of Literary Criticism 1-gen-2000 Zaganelli, G
THE UNFORTUNATES 1-gen-2011 Terrinoni, E
The Unknown Country of Hades 1-gen-2004 Terrinoni, E
The Vatican, Racism and Anti-Semitism between Pius XI and Pius XII 1-gen-2013 DE CESARIS, V
The World Bank, intervista a Michele Dantini in Meta Magazine @ http://www.meta-magazine.com/index.php?id=33 1-gen-2009 Dantini, M
The ‘state’ of pivot states in south-eastern Mediterranean: Turkey, Egypt, Israel, and Tunisia after the Arab Spring 1-gen-2016 Diodato, E; L, Dell'Aguzzo; con scritti di, F Duranti; G, Giordano; E, Sigillò
Theory, Practice, and the Need for Committment in Culture 1-gen-2010 Terrinoni, E
Thermidor in Ethiopia? Agrarian Transformations between Economic Liberalization and the Developmental State 1-gen-2015 Chinigò, Davide; Fantini, Emanuele
Mostrati risultati da 4.776 a 4.795 di 5.103
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