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An Intelligent Optimised Estimation of the Hydraulic Jump Roller Length 1-gen-2023 Agresta, Antonio; Biscarini, Chiara; Caraffini, Fabio; Santucci, Valentino
Analysis of Deformation in an Aluminium Hull Impacting Water Free Surface 1-gen-2022 Mercuri, Alessandro; Fanelli, Pierluigi; Falcucci, Giacomo; Ubertini, Stefano; Jannelli, Elio; Biscarini, Chiara
Evolutionary Algorithms for Roughness Coefficient Estimation in River Flow Analyses 1-gen-2021 Agresta, Antonio; Baioletti, Marco; Biscarini, Chiara; Milani, Alfredo; Santucci, Valentino
Fostering motivation in language learning through technology 1-gen-2021 Biscarini, Chiara; Santucci, Valentino; Sbardella, Talia
Using Optimisation Meta-Heuristics for the Roughness Estimation Problem in River Flow Analysis 1-gen-2021 Agresta, Antonio; Baioletti, Marco; Biscarini, Chiara; Caraffini, Fabio; Milani, Alfredo; Santucci, Valentino
Hillslope Erosion Mitigation: An Experimental Proof of a Nature-Based Solution 1-gen-2021 Apollonio, Ciro; Petroselli, Andrea; Tauro, Flavia; Cecconi, Manuela; Biscarini, Chiara; Zarotti, Claudio; Grimaldi, Salvatore
Effect of Strain Measurement Layout on Damage Detection and Localization in a Free Falling Compliant Cylinder Impacting a Water Surface 1-gen-2021 Mercuri, Alessandro; Fanelli, Pierluigi; Ubertini, Stefano; Falcucci, Giacomo; Jannelli, Elio; Biscarini, Chiara
Effect of Bottom Geometry on the Natural Sloshing Motion of Water inside Tanks: An Experimental Analysis 1-gen-2021 Agresta, Antonio; Cavalagli, Nicola; Biscarini, Chiara; Ubertini, Filippo
Enhanced energy dissipation through 3D printed bottom geometry in Tuned Sloshing Dampers 1-gen-2021 Cavalagli, Nicola; Agresta, Antonio; Biscarini, Chiara; Ubertini, Filippo; Ubertini, Stefano
Can web series improve language learning? A preliminary discussion 1-gen-2020 Sbardella, Talia; Santucci, Valentino; Biscarini, Chiara; Nencioni, Giacomo
UAV photogrammetry, infrared thermography and GPR for enhancing structural and material degradation evaluation of the Roman masonry bridge of Ponte Lucano in Italy 1-gen-2020 Biscarini, C.; Catapano, I.; Cavalagli, N.; Ludeno, G.; Pepe, F. A.; Ubertini, F.
Soft skills with learning technologies: the project at the University for Foreigners of Perugia 1-gen-2019 Santucci, V.; Sbardella, T.; Biscarini, C.; Spina, S.; Grego, G.
Fluid Structure Interaction of Buoyant Bodies with Free Surface Flows: Computational Modelling and Experimental Validation 1-gen-2019 Facci, Andrea Luigi; Falcucci, Giacomo; Agresta, Antonio; Biscarini, Chiara; Jannelli, Elio; Ubertini, Stefano
Coping with Extreme Events: Effect of Different Reservoir Operation Strategies on Flood Inundation Maps 1-gen-2019 Ridolfi, Elena; Di Francesco, Silvia; Pandolfo, Claudia; Berni, Nicola; Biscarini, Chiara; Manciola, Piergiorgio
Raising Lifelong Learning Skills Using Learning Technology at University for Foreigners of Perugia 1-gen-2019 Sbardella, Talia; Santucci, Valentino; Biscarini, Chiara; Spina, Stefania; Grego, Giuliana
On the impact of urbanization on flood hydrology of small ungauged basins: the case study of the Tiber river tributary network within the city of Rome 1-gen-2018 Nardi, F; Annis, A; Biscarini, C
Experimental analysis on slamming reduction in rectangular liquid tanks subjected to harmonic motion 1-gen-2018 Cavalagli, Nicola; Biscarini, Chiara; Facci, Andrea L.; Ubertini, Filippo; Manciola, Piergiorgio
Experimental assessment of buoyant cylinder impacts through high-speed image acquisition 1-gen-2018 Russo, S; Biscarini, C; Facci, Al; Falcucci, G; Jannelli, E; Ubertini, S
Multi-component lattice boltzmann simulation of the hydrodynamics in drip emitters 1-gen-2017 Falcucci, G; Krastev, Vk; Biscarini, C
Experimental and numerical analysis of energy dissipation in a sloshing absorber 1-gen-2017 Nicola, Cavalagli; Biscarini, C; Andrea L., Facci; Filippo, Ubertini; Stefano, Ubertini
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 81
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